Your tools, your methods

Less digital hassle is more


Your tools, your methods

Less digital hassle is more


Schools all around the world are using tablets and smartphones in everyday teaching and learning.

However, low batteries, full memories and missing applications often steal time from teaching and learning.

Cuppla is a Mobile Device and Digital Content Management Software for schools.
With Cuppla, tablets and smartphones are always ready for use, and time can be spent efficiently with the digital tools and methods of your choice.

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Cuppla for Schools


With Cuppla, teachers can collect digital content, such as links, videos, and e-books, to one location. The same digital content is then visible on all tablets and smartphones – just with a click!


Students can access the digital content chosen individually for them with their mobile devices – anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, students can effortlessly return assignments with their own smartphones and tablets.


Manage mobile devices and applications from one location, and reduce unwanted technological surprises during class. Push security settings, applications and updates, and ensure safe use of devices for teaching and learning.

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Our users talk

  • “With Cuppla, starting digital lessons is faster and it makes organizing lessons clearer”

    Nina Hyrkäs, First Grade Teacher, Finland

  • “Cuppla’s SaaS solution is an innovative, centralised way for teachers to share content and applications with students, via their smartphones and tablets.”

    Andy Crisp, Journalist, We Are Cohesive

  • “Collaborating with the Cuppla team has been smooth. The team has turned out to be supportive and sincere people with great drive and enthusiasm.”

    Matias Lommi, High School Teacher, Finland

  • “Because of Mobile Device Management, Cuppla has a different approach compared to other solutions used in teaching.”

    Tiina Moilanen, High School Teacher, Finland

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