For Limitless Learning

Less digital hassle is more


For Limitless Learning

Less digital hassle is more


Tablets and smartphones are coming to classrooms

However, using technology in education can also be frustrating. Jungle of applications, scattered digital content and forgotten passcodes steal time from teaching and learning.

With Cuppla software, security settings, WiFi configurations and applications can be managed centrally from one location. Tablets and smartphones are always ready for use in teaching – like sharp pens in a pencil case.

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Cuppla for Schools


Digital hassle during class steals time from teaching and learning. With Cuppla, tablets are always ready for use with correct applications, settings and digital content. Digital learning material can be shared to all mobile devices – just with one click.


As learning can occure anytime and anywhere, Cuppla supports BYOD so students can use their own familiar smartphone in learning. With Cuppla, students can have all their individual learning material available also in their own smartphones and tablets.


IT admins can manage and monitor all mobile devices centrally from one location. With an easy-to-use MDM solution IT admins can push security settings, applications and updates, and ensure safe use of devices for teaching and learning.

What is Cuppla?

Cuppla is an innovative Mobile Device Management software designed for schools. By combining Mobile Device Management and Digital Content Distribution, Cuppla ensures that both school owned and student’s own mobile devices and tablets are always ready for use with correct security settings, applications and other digital content.

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