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Johanna Kartila-Malmivaara
+358 50 486 7441

Dave Katz
Head of Sales & Marketing
+358 50 483 8936

Linda Helistö
Sales & Marketing
+358 44 0500 380

Helena Aura
Sales & Marketing
+358 50 406 5193

Aki Ahonen
Technology Development
+358 50 483 1539

Yafeng Wang
Product Development
+358 40 801 9489

About Cuppla

Cuppla is a Finnish education technology startup.
For the past thirty years combined we have focused on Mobile Device and Application Management in the global environment. During these years our team has evolved its DNA around human centric software and innovation. Now the focus is using this competence to create tools for everyday teaching and learning with smartphones and tablets.

Open Positions

Cuppla’s team is here to support digitalisation in schools.

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