Bringing BYOD into High Schools

Last Friday a group of Tammerkoski High School students joined us in a unique collaboration. In the spring of 2017, the students will start using their own mobile phones and tablets as tools in digital teaching and learning. From our perspective from Cuppla, it was amazing to observe the enthusimastic and excited atmosphere, in the discussion around the different opportunities offered by BYOD in the classrooms, for example in remote teaching and in group tasks.

Today, we showed the students how their own mobile devices can be enrolled into the Cuppla software. First, the Cuppla software application was installed from Google Play for Android devices or from App Store to Apple Devices. The enrollment of the students’ own mobile devices was done quickly with a QR code. It took only seconds for the Cuppla Mobile Device Management and Digital Content Distribution software to be ready for use! The students saw immediately the digital content selected for them by the teacher – in the students own devices.

It was nice to see how the students started to explore the different functionalities of the Cuppla software. Starting from next year, the two student groups of Tammerkoski High School will use Cuppla software during lessons, and provide us with their own feedback on Cuppla software features and functionalities.

We at Cuppla are extremely excited about this opportunity to collaborate with the inspiring students, teachers, and school administration of Tammerkoski Highs School in Finland!

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