Case: Jokioinen Municipality

Cuppla Mobile Device Management for School

Jokioinen municipality had acquired iPads over a year ago which were managed by Apple Configurator. The challenge with using the configurator was that the devices had to be connected to the computer with a cable in order to be able to manage them. Because of this, it could take a lot of time and effort to complete the everyday basic management tasks. After Cuppla contacted the municipality, Miina School decided to try out this different kind of management solution in order to do the management remotely.

At first, Cuppla was taken into test use with five media iPads to practice the usage of the software. Because the trial went well, Cuppla is now taken into use in all iPads of the school and also in the iPads of the kindergartens in the municipality. Cuppla team also helped Jokioinen to take Apple DEP and VPP programs into use and enroll devices into Apple DEP program afterward.

using iPads in teaching

Effortless management of iPads with a remote management solution

Managing devices remotely with Cuppla has eased the workload of Kari Leppäkoski, a teacher in the Miina School. In addition to his own school, Kari is also managing the iPads of the kindergarten which is located in a different building. Kari is naming the wirelessness of being one of the advantages in using Cuppla:

“If I want to add or update an application with the Configurator I have to physically go to the iPad and attach it to the computer with a cable. Now with Cuppla, I can do all this remotely which is a major advantage,” tells Kari Leppäkoski, a teacher in the Miina School.

Also, the possibility to track the location of the device was seen as important and this could also be done easily with Cuppla. The expertise and helpfulness of the technical assistance also received a lot of positive feedback. Even though there were some minor challenges in taking the versatile device fleet into centralised management, Cuppla’s technical team has always been ready to help and solve any issue as soon as possible:

“One thing in which I think you have succeeded really well is the technical support. Especially Aki always explains things in a calm and understandable way and is always ready to help. Also Cuppla has been keeping in touch with us and made sure everything is going well, says Kari Leppäkoski from the Miina School