Case: Ludus research and rehabilitation services

Tablets in healthcare

Ludus is a Finnish company providing research and rehabilitation services. The company is specialised in learning disabilities, diagnostics and rehabilitation.

Challenges with managing iPads used in rehabilitation

Ludus was using iPads in rehabilitation services and the devices were used by multiple people. Each of the iPads had an individual Apple ID account and the company had no central management system. The absence of a management system caused some challenges when providing tablets for everyday use for professionals. Individuals had to search for correct applications by themselves and licenses had to be bought to the devices individually. Overall, the everyday management of the iPads took a lot of effort, as the devices could not be managed remotely. Furthermore, providing useful applications for the individual using a specific device was challenging.

Key Challenges

How to purchase application licenses and distribute them efficiently to the iPads owned by Ludus?

How to share personalised instructions for effective home training to patients without collecting any personal data?

Cuppla mobile device management in rehabilitation services

Taking tablets into meaningful use in rehabilitation services with Cuppla

The unmanaged devices were enrolled into Apple DEP program and taken into control with Cuppla software. After taking Cuppla into use, device settings could be managed centrally and the truly meaningful usage of the devices could be supported. Apple VPP account was also created for Ludus which made it possible to purchase application licenses centrally. After taking Cuppla into use the applications could be distributed to the selected iPads centrally and remotely. Furthermore, Ludus used Cuppla to see in which devices application licenses were located and could oversee which applications were used in specific devices. Thus, the professionals didn’t have to spend time on downloading correct application to the devices individually as all of this could be done centrally and remotely.

It is very important to ensure devices are safe for customers to use. Cuppla was used to manage the security settings of the iPads that were used by multiple people. Now all tablets are up-to-date with correct security settings and content. It is also easy to recommend different applications to different customers and it is easy to try the applications out as part of rehabilitation. With Cuppla Digital Noticeboard, Ludus can also create and share individualised instructions for customers in rehabilitation.

With Cuppla, we can continue providing our customers more flexibility in the way we execute rehabilitation practices, as well as  improve effectiveness trough these interactive remote pracitices, says Susanna Laitsaari, the CEO of Ludus.

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