Case: Taivalkoski Municipality

Tablets in the classroom

Challenges in managing versatile device fleet

Taivalkoski municipality had a lot of devices that were used in teaching but the overall management of diverse device fleet was difficult. Devices had been bought in various different batches and over the years so there was a lot of diversity in the device fleet. The municipality had a need for centralised management system for managing and monitoring the device fleet as a whole and was trying to find a solution for this.

Everyday management of the devices, such as wiping the devices, installing right applications and setting correct security settings took a lot of time, as everything had to be done manually. Also, managing applications and application licenses were seen as challenging.

“Managing the devices without a proper management system felt difficult and laborious”, says Antti Kauppila, Head of School and a teacher in Huttu School.

Easier device management and application management with Cuppla software

The iPads of Taivalkoski municipality were enrolled in Cuppla MDM system. Also, Apple DEP and VPP programs were also taken into use with the assistance of Cuppla’s technical team. After taking Cuppla into use, managing the device fleet has become much easier and clearer. Installing applications, managing device settings and wiping the devices can be now be done easily and conveniently.

With Cuppla, managing applications and application licenses are also much more clear. Buying and distributing applications can be done easily and everything is managed remotely. Also, updating the latest versions of applications can be done effortlessly with Cuppla.

Tablettien käyttö opetuksessa

Getting the devices ready for the new semester is also much more convenient than before. Wiping the devices and installing correct applications can now be done conveniently – and the teacher doesn’t even have to see the device at all!

“After taking Cuppla into use our situation is a lot better and it helps my work considerably. Now I don’t have to worry before the new semester starts that at what point I start to prepare devices for new semester so that they are ready to be given for the students to use.”, tells Antti Kauppila from Huttu School.

Cuppla’s technical assistance and helpful customer support are also much appreciated by Antti Kauppila:

“Also, one really good thing with Cuppla is that we have always been able to easily get on hold of them and they have always had time for us. We have been able to trust Cuppla and that is vitally important in the ICT services in schools”