Collaborative learning or Flipped Classroom? Cuppla trial supports schools in digitalization

Cuppla Software, an MDM solution for Schools

Tablets and smartphones are coming into classrooms.

However, it might not always be easy to start using new technology in everyday teaching. Cuppla trial supports teachers, schools and districts to take tablets and smartphones into everyday use – efficiently!

Cuppla Trial


The question seems to be how can we support teachers in everyday teaching with tablets and smartphones.

Based on our conversations with schools and districts, it is important to discuss together about the future directions in this digital transformation.

  • Should we support BYOD and use students’ own smartphones in teaching?
  • What are the learning apps that we could use?
  • How to support blended learning?
  • Can we support flipped classroom and flipped learning with tablets and smartphones?
  • Or how can we get started with the overall digitalization process in our schools?

Why Cuppla trial?

People are in the heart of Cuppla Trial. We support schools, districts and municipalities so that they can reach their overall goals in this digital change.

During a free trial, our Cuppla team helps teachers to get started with teaching with tablets and smartphones. We provide teachers with the preliminary technical understanding how they can get started with their own kind of digital teaching.

After all, it is people who are in the heart of change and we are in this change together!

What do you think about this yourself?


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