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Is your organisation data accessible on mobile?

Did you know that according to the GDPR you must have the following:

  • Connector.

    Device registry

    Device registry of devices used in organisation

  • Connector.

    Remote wipe

    Possibility to remotely wipe devices

  • Connector.

    Asset tracking

    Keep on track of company assets including company or personal data

  • Connector.

    Security settings

    Correct security settings

With Cuppla MDM all these can be covered easily and effortlessly

All-in-one mobility solution for healthcare sector

More and more tablets and smartphones are being used in healthcare sector in many and diverse ways.

Introducing BYOD into home care, providing tablets safely into use in common areas in elderly care and hospitals, as well as finding new ways to utilise tablets in therapy and rehabilitation are just few examples how Cuppla promotes safe and meaningful ways to use mobile devices in healthcare.

Customer stories

“With Cuppla we can bring more flexibility to our customers in the way the rehabilitation is carried out. We can also enhance effectiveness of the rehabilitation through interactive remote practices”

Susanna Laitsaari, CEO, Ludus Oy

Ludus Oy

Ludus oy provides research and rehabilitation services. The company is specialized in learning disability diagnostics and rehabilitation.

Case: Ludus Oy


Cuppla Digital Noticeboard

Cuppla Digital Noticeboard provides easy and secure channel for communication and information sharing in healthcare sector. Collect various digital content into one location and share with selected users. Access personalised information tailored just for you – anytime and anywhere


Collect various digital material, for example text, pictures, videos, into one location.


Share personalised digital content to selected users or user groups


Access the information tailored just for you – anytime and with any device

Mobile Device Management

With Cuppla Mobile Device Management healthcare organisations can ensure, that all tablets and smartphones are always ready for safe and secure use.

  • Connector.

    Device registry

    Save time by managing all tablets and smartphones used in organisation from one location

  • Connector.

    Push security settings

    Remotely push security settings, such as passcode lenght and time-out

  • Connector.

    Remote wipe

    Wipe devices remotely to factory settings if the devices get stolen or lost

  • Connector.

    Flexible management

    Flexible management possibilites – opportunity to share administration rights easily to different units

  • Connector.


    User friendly UI makes Cuppla management console effortless to use

  • Connector.

    Share applications

    Remotely share applications to selected devices

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