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Take care of your organisation’s mobile security

Mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, are essential part of everyday life in today’s organisations. As mobile devices are commonly used in both corporate and in personal use, it is increasingly important to make sure organisation’s internal information doesn’t end up in wrong hands.

Cuppla offers a comprehensive solution to ensure safe and effortless use of mobile devices in organisations. With Cuppla Mobile Device Management (MDM), organisations can make sure that all tablets and smartphones have correct security settings all the time. Cuppla Digital Noticeboard provides a secure solution for sharing personalised information for different roles.

Cuppla Device Management Features

Push security settings

Remotely push security settings, such as passcode lenght and time-out

Wipe devices remotely

Wipe devices remotely to factory settings if the devices get stolen or lost

Share applications

Share applications to selected devices – either as mandatory or optional

See device registry

Save time by managing all tablets and smartphones used in organisation from one location

Cuppla Digital Noticeboard

Your organisation’s personalised intranet

Cuppla Digital Noticeboard is a secure channel for fast and easy information sharing within the organisation. Collect text, links, videos and other digital material into one location and share with selected users.

Access to the information tailored just for you anytime and from any device. See also recommended applications – everything from the same location.

Cuppla Consulting

Cuppla team has several years of experience in setting up and optimising mobile environments and leading digital change successfully in global enterprises. Our team of experts offer training and consulting in various themes related to mobility, implementing new digital technologies and carrying out digital change.

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    New Technologies

    Implementing new technologies and successful deployment of digital infrastructure

  • Connector.

    Mobile Device Management

    Threats and opportunities of mobile device management technologies

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    Android & iOS

    Differences between Android and iOS and information security

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    Privacy and Security

    Data and privacy protection and best practices

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    Digital change and new service concepts in mobile environment

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    New Concepts

    Taking new service concepts into use and deploying them successfully

Case Studies

Cuppla Team

Cuppla team has over 30 years of experience in working with mobile environments in global enterprises. Cuppla team has been co-developing five different Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions globally. Our team has vast experience in developing solutions in mobile environment as well as in implementing human-centric digital change in organisations.

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