English Entrepreneurship day at Tampere Polku

We got the honour to tell a great bunch of fourth-graders about entrepreneurship on Wednesday the 26th in our Hermia 6 office.

The day started with festive feelings as Halloween was only a few days away. Naturally, we took our office to the next level with some appropriate home-made Halloween decorations!

Antero Aalto, the Head of Microsoft Polku programme, started the day with a brief take on Microsoft products and how the Polku programme helps former Nokia and Microsoft employees to get their startups up and rolling. Our Cuppla team is a great example of former employees that have established a start-up and started to be entrepreneurs!

After Antero it was my turn to tell the kids more about start-ups and what it actually means to be an entrepreneur. As the concept of a startup was new to the kids I decided to tell an analogy. A start up is like an airplane on the runway preparing to take off. We double check the engines, take care of the balance, make sure that the travelers are all on board, and that the cabin crew, our team, is the best one for this trip. The aim for a startup is that it will take off in a steep curve and have a great fly to the destination.

When you are an entrepreneur, there are always turbulence in your way. However, in a startup you must have a positive outtake on challenges and embrace even the smallest of victories! Dwelling in the past and your mistakes doesn’t get you anywhere. And everyone makes mistakes. Having great talents and a team that works well together, is also important. With a great cabin crew, it is easier to get things done and change the direction fast when needed, as everyone is well committed to get to the destination.

After telling about entrepreneurship and startups, we demoed our Cuppla MDM to the kids and the teachers. Our Cuppla MDM is a digital classroom and mobile device management solution so that digital content, such as e-books and applications, can be shared to all tablets and smartphones only with a push of a button. As we tried to play Kahoot! during a sports game, we encountered the same challenges than most of the digital classrooms today: there was trouble logging in, the content wasn’t exactly what we thought and there was a lot of fuzz going on. It was funny to notice that with our Cuppla MDM, all of these challenges wouldn’t even exist. Thankfully we got our game on and going and we all ended up having a great time!

The children made great notions about the software and shared some excellent viewpoints with us. These concepts will definitely get added into our product development process! We were also happy to witness how engagement creates amazing opportunities for inspiration – for everybody! As one child wrote: “I want to come to work for you when I grow up, please”. It is amazing to see that we can inspire children to change the world with coding and people centered technology!

After our demo, Suvi Syrjänen from Kodarit, the coding school for both kids and adults from Tampere, told how applications and software like ours are actually made. As nearly everything is already developed with at least some code, it is great to educate the future talents about the opportunities of coding. And based on the comments, the kids loved it!

We want to thank the amazing fourth-graders of the Lempoinen School, Lempäälä, Finland, for giving us the opportunity to hear your comments and show the opportunities of EdTech.

Days like these are precious for us as we need the insights of both the children and the teachers to build solutions that will fly and puts user experience first!

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