English Together: Helsinki Challenge

From the left: Johanna and Linda from Cuppla, Team Leader Marja-Leena Bilund and Dosent Heikki Kynäslahti from the University of Helsinki. Photo: Annamari Tolonen

Finland is turning 100 years old and the theme of the Finnish centenary year is ‘Together’. The festive year is full of exciting nation-wide programs that all embrace the different viewpoints on how the soon hundred-year-old Finland should be further build – together. We are happy to be a part of the celebration as a part of an inter-disciplinary team in the Helsinki Challenge program.

Helsinki Challenge is a science based competition and idea accelerator program that is part of the Finland’s official centenary year program. Helsinki Challenge is built on collaboration, as Helsinki Challenge is a platform for collaboration between science, businesses, arts communities, public sector and other actors of the society. The Helsinki Challenge is organized by different Finnish universities, and the agenda is based on the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Our Helsinki Challenge Team wants to solve the challenge of how the adoption of digitalization in teaching should be designed and facilitated globally. Together, we will develop a framework to deploy digitalization into education in a facilitated manner. The team observes how teachers adopt different technologies into teaching from three different perspectives: social support, change and technology.

Cuppla Technology brings the technological perspective into the framework.

Teachers and students will use Cuppla Software in their teaching during the program. Cuppla Technology then examines how the pedagogical and psychological needs of the teachers can be taken into consideration when developing new technologies used in digital teaching and learning.

“The Helsinki Challenge program is truly inspirational for Cuppla, as we will collaborate with many different teams, experts, researcher’s and also potential investors. The project is also about leveraging the culture of experimentation, as we will together with teachers and students, try out how a change like digitalization at schools can actually be deployed in a way that motivates both teachers and students for better results as they are working more closely together utilizing technology”

says Johanna, our CEO.

We can not wait to see how this unique collaboration between the academia and different public and private sector actors will help us to better understand how we can drive forward the digitalization of schools and support the teachers from the viewpoint of technology!

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