How it works

Less digital hassle is more

Cuppla is a cloud-based Mobile Device and Digital Content Management Software for schools, developed together with teachers and students in Finland and Estonia. With Cuppla, both school-owned and personal tablets and smartphones are always ready to use.

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For teachers

With Cuppla, teachers can collect digital content, such as links, videos, and e-books, to one location. The same digital content is then visible on all tablets and smartphones – just with a click!

  • Collect digital content into one location

  • Same digital content in all tablets and smartphones

  • Save to the cloud

For students

Students can access the digital content chosen individually for them with their mobile devices – anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, students can effortlessly return assignments with their own smartphones and tablets.

  • Access customized digital content

  • Receive and submit tasks

  • Stay on top of your digital studies

For IT

Manage mobile devices and applications from one location, and reduce unwanted technological surprises during class. Push security settings, applications and updates, and ensure safe use of devices for teaching and learning.

  • Gain visibility of the device fleet

  • Manage devices centrally and ensure usability

  • Push applications and security settings