How to use apps in the classroom with smartphones and tablets

Using applications in the classroom can cause a lot of hassle.

During our multiple conversations with teachers from all levels, it has become clear that taking applications into use in digital classrooms of today, is not exactly stress free for teachers or for the students. The mobile device memories may be full, downloading applications beforehand into school mobile devices takes a lot of time, and asking students to download applications into their own tablets and smartphones in the beginning of the class is a hassle and takes time.

Mobile device management (MDM) is a term commonly seen in the EdTech conversation. In June, 2015, the EdTech Digest wrote how MDM :

  • Reduces chaos in the classroom by providing seamless transition between digital tasks
  • Provides personalized and mass customized learning by giving teachers the opportunity to create meaningful learning experiences based on the students’ own needs
  • Creates a safe digital environment for testing
    How this all looks like in an everyday teaching situation, is still somewhat unclear and fuzzy. That is why we want to show you how you can create a perfect flow utilizing MDM in the digital classroom with Cuppla Software.

Create digital classrooms by customized digital content. Choose applications, e-books, videos, and links. Choose the participating students, and create the needed digital learning environment based on your students’ interests and needs!

Observe and collaborate in your digital classroom. Share the desired digital content to the students’ smartphones and tablets with just a push of a button. You can jump start your lesson without downloading steps and irrelevant hassle.

After pressing the blue start button, the applications, videos, e-books and links will be shared directly into the students screens. Now you can start teaching – and no time has been used to searching for the right digital content.

No unwanted surprises. Mobile Device Management in EdTech makes also the lives of the school IT teachers and managers more flowing. All the mobile devices are easy to check on in an ongoing bases. Memory, battery life, and settings can be managed from one place – and the mobile devices are always ready to be used!

Last week we showed a group of Finnish primary school teachers how to use our Cuppla Software for everyday digital teaching. We learned, that teachers are curious to try out new applications in teaching, but current practices don’t always support teacher centered exploration in digitalization. Our easily accessible, low threshold and centralized solution was highly supported, as it gave a tool for easy digital exploration.

Choosing your applications and other digital content is the heart of the digital toolkit. Kahoot!, Google Classroom, Scratch, Thinglink, and Piccolage are inspiring tools to use in digital education.

What tools do you use to motivate your students and to meet the learning targets?

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