Helsinki Challenge

Emile Santi

19.1.2017 – Helsinki

Cuppla Software for Schools Selected to Helsinki Challenge

Cuppla Mobile Device & Digital Content Management software for schools has been selected to Helsinki Challenge programme.

Cuppla Technology is a part of an inter-disciplinary team in the science based competition and idea accelerator programme Helsinki Challenge. The team is led by Marja-Leena Bilund, IT teacher of the year 2015. During the programme, the team will develop a framework to understand how the utilization of digitalization in education can be better facilitated from the teacher’s perspective.

Helsinki Challenge is a part of the Finland 100 centenary year programme. Helsinki Challenge connects science and arts communities, businesses, decision makers, public sector and other actors of the society to create solutions to grand challenges and to ensure future well-being.

Helsinki Challenge supports a culture of experimentation between different actors in the academia and the society.

“The Helsinki Challenge programme is truly inspirational for Cuppla, as we will collaborate with many different teams, experts, researcher’s and potential investors. The project is about leveraging the culture of experimentation, as we will together with teachers and students, try out how a change like digitalization at schools can actually be deployed in a way that it motivates both teachers and students”, says Johanna Kartila-Malmivaara, CEO, Cuppla Technology.

Updates on the project can be followed on the Cuppla Technology website and Cuppla social media channels.

More Information

Johanna Kartila-Malmivaara
CEO, Cuppla Technology
+358 50 4867441

Cuppla Software provides schools a solution for mobile device and digital content management.
Cuppla allows teachers to combine digital content to one location and to share it to mobile devices in a managed way. Cuppla is meant for everyday use and it connects different digital elements of everyday teaching and learning.

Helsinki Challenge
Helsinki Challenge is a science-based idea competition and accelerator programme. The agenda of Helsinki Challenge is based on the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and the programme has three main themes: Sustainable Planet, People in Change, and Urban Future. Helsinki Challenge is a part of Finland’s official centenary year programme.