Ludus becomes a capital investor in Cuppla Technology


Cuppla and Ludus are starting to work together to revolutionize the world, by combining their expertise in learning and digitalization. In this truly a unique partnership, Cuppla and Ludus will completely change the teaching concept and increase learners’ motivation. The partnership between the two innovative companies is a natural alliance, and both parties are excited about the new opportunities and synergies that the co-operation brings.

Cuppla Technology is a Finnish EdTech startup company, founded in 2016. Cuppla has developed an easy-to-use Mobile Device Management and Digital Content Distribution software together with Finnish and Estonian teachers. The software is used in teaching and learning in municipalities, schools and learning institutions in Finland and abroad.

Ludus, founded in 2004, provides research and rehabilitation services. The company is specialized in learning disability diagnostics and rehabilitation. Ludus is a highly recognized player and a pioneer in its own field. Their specialty is to support people even when the learning is challenging. Creating equal opportunities in learning, independent on the location, has always been the fundamental guiding target for Ludus.

“To our team, Ludus brings their valuable and unique expertise in understanding how people learn. The new co-operation will take our company into a whole new level. As a result of this freshly formed partnership, we can safely start expanding our operations globally. Our new unified concept will focus on both education and healthcare sectors. The investments on these sectors are growing rapidly and globally. In the future, this will provide our business a highly compelling investment potential for anyone and anywhere in the world,” says Johanna Kartila-Malmivaara, the CEO of Cuppla Technology.

“Ludus provides information and understanding of learning and related challenges to everyday life in schools. The best way to do this is by utilizing modern and innovative technologies, in which our partner Cuppla is specialized in. Learning is not a mystery that just happens inside the student’s head. Instead, it happens in collaboration between the pedagogics and the biology of student’s brain. Only by understanding the norms and basic principles of these two different perspectives, we can improve learning.”, says Heli Isomäki, the CEO of Ludus.

The fresh alliance also opens new doors for Ludus, as it supports the company’s longtime vision in healthcare, which is to provide equal treatment opportunities for all people, despite the time and location. The collaboration with Cuppla makes it possible for Ludus to expand its services nationally. With this new alliance, Ludus will be able to provide its services also to people who previously did not have access to their treatment and services because of long distance or other reasons. This will definitely revolutionize the current practices in treatment of learning disabilities.

More information:

Johanna Kartila-Malmivaara
CEO, Cuppla Technology
+358 50 4867441
Heli Isomäki
CEO, Ludus Oy
+358 400 909828