Teachers in digital change – Best practices from Finland

Overcoming the challenges in digitalisation in schools with mobile device management

Bringing schools into digital era is not always easy. It is not enough just to acquire new technology into schools – bringing digital tools in teaching also requires a change in way of thinking and acting. The challenges and technical problems that teachers are facing when taking new digital tools into use may cause frustration. However, with correct tools and support, the challenges can be overcome.

Here are two case examples on how Cuppla has helped schools in Finland to overcome the challenges in digitalisation.

Managing tablets takes too much time

A private school in Finland, with 80 devices and more than 800 students, was facing challenges in managing the tablets that were used in teaching. The management of tablets was done manually which took a lot of time for the teachers and was seen inconvenient.

”Teachers should have stayed at school after class on Friday afternoon just to take care of the tablets. At this point, I was thinking that there must be a better way to do this and allocate teachers’ time more reasonably”, said the principal of the school.

The devices were enrolled in Cuppla mobile device management system together with school’s IT teachers. Teachers were also trained to use Cuppla as a tool in everyday teaching and learning.

Easy management of applications with Mobile Device Management

Easy application management

A new way to install and distribute applications centrally from one location brought flexibility and made it more effortless to manage the devices. Multiple teachers were taking care of the tablets used in teaching with Cuppla mobile device management system.

”The usage of tablets is very different in K12 school compared to high school and upper secondary school. As applications used in high school are different to what are used in K12 school, it would be challenging if one teacher would be in charge of all applications. Now, we have designated teachers for managing applications of different grades”, told the principal.

Designed together with teachers

The advantage of Cuppla in schools is that it is designed together with teachers taking their needs into account. Therefore, all the unnecessary things are left out and the software is made simple easy to use.

The time used in taking care of the tablets is always away from something else. Cuppla has supported us in digital change so that everyday management of tablets can be made quickly and easily from one location. This way, we can make sure that tablets are always ready for use for all teachers in all classes and in different uses. The most important thing is that the devices are instantly ready to use when the teacher retrieves them from the storage.

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Using tablets in teaching – best practices from Finland

What benefits can use of technology bring to our school?

In another case, it was not completely clear how the technology can actually be used in teaching.

One challenge was that it was not completely clear that what benefits could digitalisation and use of digital tools bring to our school”, said the principal of the school.

In this school, the devices used in teaching were first taken into control by enrolling them in Cuppla mobile device management system together with school’s IT. After, it was discussed together with teachers what was their vision about the digitalisation in their school and what could digital teaching and learning look like in their own classes.

In this school, some students were traveling long distances so supporting BYOD was seen important. During Cuppla trial student’s personal smartphones were introduced successfully into everyday teaching and learning.

Collaboration with Cuppla has opened our eyes to what could the use of technology in teaching look at its best. Collaboration has brought up different ways to use the technology in teaching. Teachers have been able to use different methods in teaching by using the technology”, said the principal.

Your digital change

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