The future of EdTech relies on great teams and learning

Helsinki got important international guests from all around the globe, as Slush 2016 brought the vibrant startup scene to the city. For two days, startups, investors, and business influencers all gathered under one roof and elaborated conversations on important topics, such as innovations in meat production and social responsibility, virtual reality and the opportunities of 360 degree cameras, and digitalization in different industries.

On the second day, the Black Stage gathered EdTech and educational influencers around a fireplace to discuss who decides what we learn. Saku Tuominen from HundrED opened the discussion by pointing out the opportunities that technology brings into education, as well as the challenges that are still to be solved. Saku insightfully pointed out that the education field is full of new best practices emerging from the everyday lives of teachers, students, and parents. New innovations in education are not an innovation problem, but an implementation challenge. Sharing new ideas globally is the key in implementing fresh ideas, especially in innovations in education.

New innovations in education are not an innovation problem, but an implementation challenge.

Author and programmer Linda Liukas, investor Luben Pampoulov, Sanna Lukander from Fun Learning, and Olli-Pekka Heinonen from the Finnish National Board of Education discussed the future of education and technology. When Luben stated that the team is the heart of an EdTech company, we couldn’t had agreed with him more. The life in a startup is fast-paced and a lot of things are happening simultaneously. Transparency, honesty and trust are important so that the whole team is going into the same direction. Even during the biggest rush, it is important for everybody to slow down and set up the future directions together with the customers.

EdTech is nothing without the teacher viewpoint. Thus, it is important that technology vendors connect with their users and learn together with them. Olli-PekkaHeinonen pointed out that the emphasis in EdTech should be in learning together with the teachers. It is not only about teacher education, but learning also for the companies.

The team is in the heart of technological innovations in education. The EdTech startups should not only concentrate on regular strategic updates to be in line with the teachers, but also to learn together with teachers, students, and parents.

Great ideas are implemented and executed the best together!

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