Well begun is half done

We all know that beginning a project well makes it easier to do the rest, and eventually finish the project successfully. The digitalization of education brings new opportunities for the children and teachers in all grades. First of all, learning isn’t bounded into the physical classrooms anymore, but carried outside the school hallways. A great example is the Meretniemi family from Finland who is sailing around the world with their 7-, 5-, and 3-year-old children. They are experiencing how to educate children in new ways without classrooms and in person teachers. The family is also exploring how technology can be used for education even in the remotest of destinations. Second, there is a vast body of knowledge just a click a way from us. The opportunities for deeper understanding, exploration and curiosity are endless not only with the Internet to use, but also with digital platforms that enhance sharing and peer-to-peer learning. With an easy access to digital content we can learn anywhere and everywhere.

However, to harness all of the potential of digital education, schools need tools to plan and organize the digital classroom. In her blog Anita Townsend writes that

“good planning provides learning environments that enables students to successfully optimize their potential for success”.

Connecting different elements of the digital classroom is important.

Security, connectivity, and engagement are important parts of the digital classroom. We agree with Anita. And we believe that by connecting students, teachers, and digital content in a safe, organized and engaging digital environment, we can harness the full potential of digital education, for both the teachers and the students.

The first Cuppla software pilot schools are starting this week and we at Cuppla are excited!

We are not excited just because we are building the seamless digital education of tomorrow, but that we are building it with students’ own tablets and smartphones! Our vision is that students’ own mobile devices are not in backpacks and pockets but included in everyday teaching. By concentrating on the digital organization and structure behind every class, we can provide teachers the opportunity to execute inspiring and focused digital teaching anywhere!

Join the conversation at Cuppla Talk and build the digital education of tomorrow with us!

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