5 Tips for Teachers – How to Use Tablets in Teaching

5 tips on how to use tablets in the classroom

The world has digitalized rapidly during past few years and tablets have found their way to schools and classrooms as well. Tablets can be used in teaching in many ways. There is also various digital learning material available for teachers to use in education, but selecting the most useful content can be challenging. We have collected few tips on this article on how teachers can use tablets in the classrooms and what kind of digital learning material can be used in teaching.

1. Create course content by using Cuppla’s “digital chalkboard”

Cuppla’s digital content creation and sharing tool is great way for teachers to start using digital tools in teaching. With Cuppla’s “digital chalkboard” you can bring all the digital learning material they use in teaching to one place and share it to their students. add text, pictures, links and videos to one page. In addition to these you can also add as many attachments as you like, such as E-Books and Word Documents for example. All this digital material can be shared directly to tablets and smartphones that are used in teaching, so the students can instantly see all the material directed just for them. Teacher’s view in Cuppla Console and the view on student’s tablet is the same, which makes it easier to see what the content will look like.
Tip: Teachers can preview the view on student’s tablets by clicking “Cuppla WebApp” icon on the left sidebar.

How to use tablets in teaching – Cuppla's digital chalkboard

2. Add YouTube videos directly to Cuppla

Did you find an awesome video on YouTube and would like to share it with your students? No worries – you can integrate YouTube videos directly to Cuppla’s digital chalkboard! The videos are shown in Cuppla’s course content directly, so you don’t have to click any outbound links. The preview showed from the video also helps to remember what the video was all about. Adding a YouTube to Cuppla is easy, just follow these three steps:

  1. Go to YouTube and click the video that you want to show to your students. Paint the URL of the video and press CRTL + C.
  2. Open the course from Cuppla where you want to add this video and open the “edit” view. Bring your cursor to that part of the page where you want to add the video. Click the “video” icon on the top right corner of the editing view.
  3. Add the URL by pressing CRTL + V

Ready! Now the video has been integrated to Cuppla and you can watch it directly by clicking it.

Use tablets in teaching by adding YouTube videos to Cuppla's digital chalkboard

3. Create a quiz with Kahoot! and share it with your students

Cuppla’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution makes it easy for teachers to use applications efficiently in their teaching. With Mobile Device Management the applications can be installed remotely to student’s tablets and mobile phones. This saves a lot of time and hassle as you don’t have to worry about all the students having the application and the right version of it. You can manage this centrally and make sure no time or nerves are wasted.

Kahoot! is a fun learning game, that enables you to create quizzes just in minutes. Players (the students) can also challenge their friends in a playful competition. MDM enables that teachers can share the application to every student’s tablet centrally. The teacher can also share the code that is needed to play the game directly to students through Cuppla’s digital chalkboard, so the game can start just in seconds!

Share Kahoot! learning game to studen's tablets via Cuppla

4. Create interactive content with ThingLink and add it to Cuppla

ThingLink is a software, that enables you to add notes, pictures, voices, videos and other content directly to pictures or videos. ThingLink offers a visual learning tool that is useful especially in situations where you want to add more information in different parts of a picture. You can embed the content you created in ThingLink directly to Cuppla’s digital chalkboard, so you don’t need separate links to open your ThingLink. Adding a ThingLink to Cuppla is easy and we offer you specific instructions on how to do this. just watch the video below.

Add a Thinglink to Cuppla and share it with students
5. Create an assignment with Quizlet and share it via Cuppla

Quizlet is a software, that helps you to create fun assignments and quizzes. You can embed Quizzes and assignments made with Quizlet directly to Cuppla’s digital chalkboard, which makes following the course easy and convenient as you don’t need to open any external links. Adding a Quizlet to Cuppla is easy and we offer you specific instructions on how to do this. Watch the video below about how to add Quizlet to Cuppla

Add a Quizlet to Cuppla and share it with students

Instructions: How to add Thinglink or Quizlet to Cuppla


If you want to hear more tips or need more inspiration on how to use tablets in education, we here at Cuppla are happy to help!

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