What are Apple DEP and VPP and why should schools use them?

Tablettien käyttö opetuksessa

Apple offers useful programs for schools and organisations owning iOS tablets and smartphones, VPP and DEP. When these programs are used with an mobile device management (MDM) solution, mobile device enrollments and application license management can be made easy and efficient.

Please Note: DEP and VPP are programs provided by Apple. The information provided in this article is subject to change. Please check the latest information concerning these programs from apple.com.

What is VPP?

VPP, ”Volume Purchase Program” is Apple’s volume store for schools and organisations. Schools and organisations can buy multiple application licenses at once from the VPP store and share these applications remotely to selected devices. This makes managing application licenses easy and effortless. By using a mobile device management solution with VPP, distributing and installing applications can be made automatic.

What is DEP?

DEP, ”Device Enrollment Program” is Apple’s program for automatically enrolling iOS devices. By using DEP with a mobile device management solution, schools can manage their mobile devices efficiently and diversely from one location.

Apple DEP ja VPP hyötyjä kouluissa ja kunnissa

Why should schools enroll in VPP and DEP programs?

Enrolling school owned iOS devices in DEP and VPP programs unveils a lot of advantages. In order to get all the benefits of using these programs, devices should be enrolled in an MDM system as well. Cuppla offers an easy-to-use and versatile MDM solution for schools and districts for fully harnessing the benefits of DEP and VPP.

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Effortless management of applications

With VPP, schools and districts can buy multiple licenses for applications at once. If an MDM solution is used with VPP, applications can be distributed to selected devices automatically from one location. This saves a significant amount of time and makes it easy to manage applications.

If VPP is used with an MDM solution, it works like a library for applications from where applications can be ”borrowed” to tablets and smartphones. In practice, applications are installed in the selected devices, but the original buyer still holds the rights to the licenses. If an application is removed from the device, the license becomes available again and it can be installed on another device.

With VPP, schools can distribute also paid applications to both student’s and teacher’s own devices without losing the right to the license. This way, students can get to know the learning materials in their own time which supports blended learning.

Just the right content in all tablets and smartphones

Enrolling school owned iPads and iPhones to DEP and VPP programs enable a lot of benefits. For instance, the content of the mobile devices can be widely controlled. App store can be hidden and app removal can be disabled. This way, students cannot install their own applications to school’s tablets or uninstall important applications.

Additionally, Web Clips can be installed on the dashboard. Web Clips are links that look like applications but are actually links directed to specific URL-addresses. This helps navigation and makes it faster to access important websites.

If a device would happen to get lost, it can be set to lost-mode from the MDM system. Devices that are set on lost mode cannot be used by anyone. This enhances the security of school-owned devices that are used by a lot of people.

Benefits of Apple DEP and VPP programs for schools

How can I start using DEP and VPP in my school?

Cuppla trial is a great way to start using Apple DEP and VPP programs. Cuppla team has been helping schools and districts to take Apple DEP and VPP to use by helping them in the process.

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Contact us and we can discuss more how we can help your school in taking DEP and VPP in use.

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