How to Digitalise Your School

How to digitalise your school by the aid of mobile device management

Digitalisation has been a hot topic in many fields for quite some time already. Nowadays there are not many (or any) fields that do not use digital technologies in any way. Digitalisation and digital technologies have found their way in education and school world as well. New ways to use digital tools in teaching and learning have aroused a lot of discussion around teaching methods utilising digital tools, such as blended learning and flipped classroom. But how does moving into digital era actually happen? As cliché as it sounds – it all starts with the people. Cuppla has been helping schools in digitalisation in three steps.

So you got the devices…Now what?

The world is not only getting digital but also, more increasingly, mobile. Actually, websites downloaded on mobile surpassed desktop usage already in 2016. Schools have also understood the value of mobile technologies for educational purposes. More and more tablets and smartphones are being used for teaching and learning all around the world.

However, the transition to start using digital tools does not always happen without problems. A lot of teachers are familiar with technical issues that occur especially at the beginning of the class when tablets and smartphones are being used for teaching. Passwords are missing, batteries are empty, memories are full and devices have the wrong applications. Dealing with the technical hassle steals time from teaching and learning and also causes frustration for both teachers and students. Too often this leads to a situation where it is just easier for everyone to just leave the devices in the corner of the class to gather dust.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this. A technology called Mobile Device Management (MDM) can significantly reduce technical problems and actually make it effortless to use tablets and smartphones in teaching. Technically, this means that all the mobile devices used in teaching are centrally and remotely managed so they are always ready to use with right settings applications and content.

The first step to get your school to the digital era is to enroll your school’s mobile devices in mobile device management system to ensure effortless use.

1. Get your school’s mobile devices ready for effortless use

Get teachers on board

As already stated at the beginning of this article, digitalisation of schools starts with the people. We live in a digital world and it is important to use digital tools to teach children the skills of the future. But, it is not enough to just have the tools – you also need people to use them.

Adopting new technologies is not always easy and may take some time. Fully adopting new digital tools as part of everyday teaching and learning often requires training and social support. Cuppla has been helping schools to get teachers on board in the digital change by providing them with support, technical know-how, tips and tools on how to get started.

As one of our customers put it:

”It has been important that the teachers have become more excited about the technology, applications and about digitalisation in general.”

This takes us to step two, which is supporting teachers in starting to use digital technologies.

 2. Get teachers on board by providing them with correct tools, tips and support to get started

Your digital change

When we talk about digitalisation of schools it is not one-size-fits-all. There are as many ways to carry out digitalisation of schools as there are schools. The important thing for schools is to find their own way of taking digital tools into use. By taking the devices ready for effortless use and supporting teachers in their individual teaching schools are ready to carry out their individual digital change.

This leads us to the step three, which is not actually a step but rather a change in the state of mind.

3. Find your own way of carrying out digitalisation in your school

That’s about it! Now schools and teachers ready to start taking digital technologies in efficient use in everyday teaching and learning. After all, taking steps to carry out digitalisation should not be done for the sake of technology itself, but rather for what we can use the technology for. Which is, to teach skills of the future for the students.

Want to bring your school to digital era?

Cuppla team is always happy to help schools and in taking digital tools as part of everyday teaching and learning. Contact us and we can discuss more, how we can help your school in moving to the digital era.