What is Mobile Device Management and why do schools need it?

What is mobile device management and why do schools need it?

Schools around the world are using more tablets and smartphones in teaching. However, when technology is used in the classroom things might not always go as planned. Passwords are forgotten, applications are lost, devices are not connecting to WiFi, memories are full and students are just playing games.

It can take a lot of time to deal with all the technical hassle before the class can actually start and this causes a lot of frustration for both teachers and students. Luckily, there is a solution for this – and it is called Mobile Device Management.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) may not have positive sound in it. Is someone trying to watch me from the satellites? – By no means. To put it simply, mobile device management means that teachers and IT admins can manage all the tablets and smartphones that are used in teaching from one location and make use of devices easier and effortless. From this location, that we call management console, teachers and IT admins can push settings and applications to the devices remotely. This saves, not only teachers but also IT administrators precious time.

Why do schools need to have their mobile devices in MDM system?

As already mentioned, one great benefit of having school’s mobile devices in a management system is that it saves a lot of time. Another great advantage is that teachers can actually use the devices the way they want to. With mobile device management, it can be made sure that the devices always have the right applications and other digital content.

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Cuppla Mobile Device Management for Schools

But isn’t this IT department’s business?

The answer to this question would be yes – and no. Cuppla has developed a mobile device management software together with teachers from Finland and Estonia – two top-ranking countries in the world for their education system. The software was developed in a co-operation with teachers so it is built in a way that also teachers can actually use it. Cuppla software has been designed in a way that if a tech-savvy teacher wants to become an administrator and decide what settings and applications are pushed to the devices, it is made possible.

I’m not interested in the technology. What’s in this for me?

Of course, not all teachers are interested in managing mobile devices and by no means don’t even have to be. In addition to actual mobile device management, Cuppla software has something to all teachers to have somewhere to start when starting to use digital tools in teaching. This is a feature that we call ”digital chalkboard”. Digital chalkboard is a simple tool for teachers where they can collect all the digital learning material to one location and share it instantly and remotely with students. This, in turn, supports blended learning.

Sounds great! Where can I sign in?

Cuppla team is always happy to help schools and districts in overcoming the challenges in the digital change.

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